Tomorrow’s Afghans Private School

The former Afghans4Tomorrow School – which opened in 2004, has been operating as an independent for-profit private school, since June 1, 2012, with an all-Afghan Board of teachers and administrators who have been at the school for many years. They named the school: “Farda-e-Afghanan” Private School, or Tomorrow’s Afghans Private School.

About the Program:

  • 1st to 12th grade
  • 288 students enrolled, boys and girls, who pay a small tuition
  • All students who pass their subject exams complete one grade per year of school
  • The former ‘fast track’ female students at A4T School in Kabul, completing 2 grades per year, were merged in with new year-round students in March 2011.
  • Since the school became independent in 2-12 the tuition of the former A4T female students have been supported by the Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) grant program, and monitored by A4T.
  • A4T has continued to support the school’s annual science fair, one of the best programs at the school


In 2015, Zakat Foundation of America, for the second consecutive year, financially supported the education of 53 female students who are coming from poor families of Chelstoon of Kabul, to be able to continue their education at Farda-e-Afghanan’s private school.

This year, the Direction of Farda-e-Afghanan private school introduced several new activities aiming to improve their quality of education for all students. Among other activities, monthly teachers and students’ evaluation by the school’s Principal which resulted in better educational development and improvement of quality of education for both students and teachers in Farda-e-Afghanan school. During this time, the school’s Principal observed teachers’ teaching plans and teaching method. In addition the school also established monthly exams and grading students for class participation.

The Second activity they implemented was the formation of several committees responsible for the mid-term exams which resulted in preventing discrepancy and cheating during the exams. Among the 49 out of 53 students from 6th-12th grade, supported by ZA and A4T, taking the midterm exams, 44 successfully passed the exams and only 5 failed. This is one of the greatest achievement for the teachers and students. School Principal and Vice Principal of the school evaluated the mid-term exams afterword analyzing the reason for 5 students’ failure. She advised teachers to spend extra time and effort helping those students.

The third activity was the establishment of a before school science class for 4 months offered by one of the science teachers to help increase students’ level of understanding in those subjects. He conducted a competition among participants and awarded the 11 best among them who summarized and illustrated the learning during those 4 months.

Finally, numerous parents and guests gathered and attended the celebration of both Teacher and Mother’s day during past few months. This was a great opportunity for parents to be more involved with the school and know about their students’ educational activities. Some members of the direction of the Ministry of Education participated in this event as well and they expressed their gratitude toward a great quality of education that has been provided by Farda-e-Afghanan Private School.


Farda-e-Afghanan (FA) private school-year started March 21, 2014 in two shifts, morning for the 182 boys and afternoon for 128 female, for 5.25 hours per shift.  Out of the  310 total number of students, 67 poor female students in fifth to 12th grade had all or half of their tuition funded by the ZF grant.   School’s curriculum is 100% following the Ministry of Educations’ rules and policy.

7th graders reading at FA School, 2014  The  5th Annual Science Fair Program had student teams from seventh to 12th grade boys and girls in 14 groups this year.  It was held in October and A4T staff attended the presentations & awards.
FA school has a library for students with more than 3,500 books in Dari, Pashto and English they may choose to check out and read. The computer lab has 10 computers.

Each month A4T monitored and evaluated the students supported by the Zakat Foundation grant and submitted reports, student stories and photographs to the donor.

The families of students in this program are very grateful for the support of the tuition from this donor so their daughters may become educated and go on to higher education.

students in the FA School tuition support program thank the Zakat Foundation, Kabul, 8-4-14
Students in the program thank the Zakat Foundation for their support.

First Graduation of 12th graders at Farda-e-Afghanan School

The school is pleased to announce that all 11 of its 12th graders passed their final exams and graduated from the school on Dec. 21, 2014. This was very big news each student’s family and a grand achievement for the A4T organization.

School administration offered 2-month mathematics and science courses to the graduates to help them prepare for Kankor or ‘University entry exam’ for free. They all completed these courses. On Feb. 22nd, all the graduates  took the Final Kankor exam.

12th graders receiving results of the final exams from the FA School VP, in Kabul, 12-20-14, (Eleven 12th graders graduated from school; tuition fees funded by Zakat Foundation-through A4T)
12th graders receiving their results of the final exams from the FA School VP on 12-20-14. (Eleven 12th graders graduated!)

They will receive their results in March. If they passed they will be enrolled at Kabul Univ. and start their classes on March 22nd.

We wish them much success to start their higher education at a university.

They will receive their results in March. If they passed they will be enrolled at Kabul Univ. and start their classes on March 22nd.

We wish them much success to start their higher education at a university.

A4T and Farda-e-Afghanan Private school appreciate the Zakat Foundation of America for generously supporting the poor female students of this program.

Yearly Reports:

2013     2012     2011     2010    2006-2008


A4T transferred its school, which opened in 2004 in Kabul, to a school board made of several staff members (see announcement below) who changed the name of the school to: the Farda-e-Afghanan Private School (‘Tomorrow’s Afghans’). A4T has continued its friendship and assistance to the school and provided critical tuition support for 66 poor female students, former A4T School students, in 2012 and 2013 -thanks to the generosity of the Zakat Foundation of America  and an anonymous donor.
A4T has also supported the school’s annual science fair, a new science lab, capacity training for some of its staff, counseling for the students by a trained volunteer, distributed donated supplies and more.

4th Annual Science Fair:

The fourth Annual Science Fair FA School Science Fair 2013held last November 3rd, 2013 and was supported again by A4T. It is one of the best programs at the Tomorrow’s Afghans Private School. There is great interest to further develop the science fair program in the future.

The 28 students, below, who participated in this fair competed in 14 teams, from 7th to 11th grade, each selecting a different topic for their research project.

Representatives from the seventh district education directorate, other private and government school principals, A4T staff and parents of the students attended the fair and awards presentation. The school principal invited several science specialists to judge the students’ research projects the day judges view the posters and presentations of the team, 11-2013before the fair, and to select the top groups.
judges view the posters and presentations of the teams.

 First place went to a team from the eleventh grade. Their research was on why babies are crying after birth. The second place winners, from the ninth grade, researched the reason for the sparkle in Silex Stone. The third place winners, also from the ninth grade, researched the pomegranate seed and whether the oil or the pomegranate shell was most useful for decreasing blood sugar levels.

The three winning teams, and 23 of the girlsFASchool11-2013byRonBradley(sm)28 students participating in the 2013 Science Fair, are former A4T students and in the above-mentioned tuition support program!

Dr. Ron Bradley:

A4T volunteer who returned to Kabul last November, for a second time, to counsel the students and staff at Tomorrow’s Afghans School which was a rewarding experience.

Read his brief report and see photos of the students here.


In 2012, 288 students attended from Kindergarten to tenth grade, up 97 new students since 2010. The new boys and girls pay a small tuition to help provide more resources for the school. A4T received a generous grant from the Zakat Foundation of America ( for tuition support for poor female students at the School who were part of our ‘fast track’ program.

A4T Science Fair 2011 participants, Kabul                          3rd Annual Science Fair

20 students from ‘Tomorrow’s Afghans School’ in Kabul presented the results of their research projects at the 3rd annual Science Fair, on November 8, 2012.

The fair was again funded by Afghans4Tomorrow.

View the top three student teams’ winning experiments in the 2012 Science Fair Report here.


Afghans 4 Tomorrow School becomes an independent school on June 1, 2012!

Adhering to our mission statement for sustainable projects in education, A4T is proud to announce the transfer of our A4T School, established in 2004, to a private for-profit, all-Afghan teacher board of directors. In late May, the official transfer party was held with 60 guests including the A4T country office staff, two A4T board members, students, teachers, administrators and other officials.
Keeping within a tradition of partnership, the school name was changed to “Farda-e-Afghanan” private school or “Tomorrow’s Afghans”. A4T pledges to continue support with grants, science fair development, capacity building and continued friendship. We especially thank the many donors and foundations who have supported the Chelsetoon School over the years. We promise to keep you posted on updates. The first order of business was to change locations to a safer building, in July.


We served over 279 students from Kindergarten to 9th grade, 169 girls and 110 boys, with an average of 27 students in each class. There were 18 teachers, a Principal, Vice Principal and three support staff (a cook and 2 guards). The students complete one grade per year after passing their tests. (The remaining ‘fast track’ female students, who had been completing 2 grades per year since they began at the school, were merged into classes with the year-long students when the school-year started in March 2011).

After an extensive audit of private schools in Kabul by the Ministry of Education, A4T was judged as one of the top schools, ranking in 2nd place!

The students studied literature, history, math, biology, geography, Holy Quran – all in Dari, English and Pashto language, computer science and P.E.- all approved curriculum by the MoE. All grades take computer lab classes, which prepare them for a higher education after they graduate.

The library at A4T School provides additional informative books to the students including, cultural, scientific, art, sports and other types of books at the library.

In March 2011 we provided our annual two-day teacher training seminar for A4T teachers, led by a teacher from Kabul University, which greatly benefited our students.

2011 Science Fair

A4T hosted its second Annual Science Fair celebration in mid-October under a big tent in the schoolyard.  The 17 students conducted their research in nine groups for one month, guided by their science teacher. Their presentations were evaluated and judged by Dr. Wahid Omar, A4T board member, Dr. Abdull Stanikzai, A4T advisor, the director of the seventh district education stream, his two assistants, and a Private School Manager.

The judges awarded 1st place to the students whose experiment was changing dirty water into clean water. They were each awarded a desktop computer!
A4T invited members of the Ministry of Education (MoE), private school directors and the Media to learn about our program. A4T hopes this same program would spread to all the Afghan schools. One TV station aired a story about our fair for 3 days!


First Science Fair in Afghanistan in over 30 years held May 29, 2010 at A4T School!

A4T Science Fair first place winnersA4T School began their Science Fair project in Dec. 2009 in order to build capacity in critical thinking and conducting independent research among students. This was the first time a school attempted a science fair project in Afghanistan and students were extremely motivated in conducting their experiments.

Eight teams of students from the 7th and 8th grades conducted independent research and experiments and were monitored by their science teachers. Technical support was provided by a teacher from the International School of Kabul (ISK), a university professor from Kabul Education University, and A4T’s office.

A panel of judges from these institutions evaluated each student’s project during the fair in May. See the Report of the 1st A4T Science Fair here and learn about the students’ experiments, ceremony and more!

In March 2010 A4T unfortunately had to close its 2nd school in Kabul, Janet/A4T School, and decided to merge it with our 1st school.  There were 190 students, including more than 60 new students, in 1st to 8th grade at our school in Chelsetoon, Kabul.

A4T is committed to educating girls. However, we also are fiscally responsible. A very difficult decision was made to close the school. We communicated our decision to the student’s parents and they agreed to send their daughters to other government schools in a nearby more residential setting. We offered the A4T #2 teaching staff opportunity to join the A4T school #1. Two of the teachers accepted the offer;  the rest opted to work closer to home and found positions.

A4T#1 has 2 shifts a day, with girls in the morning and boys in the afternoon. Many boys are siblings of the girls, whose parents want to students exercise daily in morning assembly (photo: April 2010)send all their children to the same school.

All the new students this year are paying a small tuition to help us continue to educate all the students and expand on teacher training. With grants harder to obtain, we are dedicated to offer a superior private education and to become as self sufficient as possible!


A4T educated 106 students in 2008, and supported nine teachers, a Principal, Vice Principal and three support staff. The average number of students in each classroom was 16. View the School’s Activity Reports for 2006-2008  Here.

Help us continue A4T’s educational programs in Afghanistan by donating by check or online. Thank you for your support!