Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Afghans4Tomorrow, Inc. (“A4T”), is an international registered non-profit organization dedicated to the capacity building of Afghan people through its programs in Afghanistan. Afghans4Tomorrow is also a registered nonprofit with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Economics.

Our concentration is in improving the capacity of those we serve in our sustainable education, health, vocational training and agriculture programs to become self sufficient and contribute to the economy of their families and country.

Who we are:

Afghans4Tomorrow consists of professionals from many countries who will be held to the highest of moral and professional standards. We will use our education, knowledge and expertise to build a better Afghanistan and build a better tomorrow for Afghans.

A4T provides essential services to needy Afghans through the expertise, knowledge and dedication of Afghan professionals abroad.
Through our professional, humanitarian, and unified organization, we assess, select, implement, and evaluate projects inside Afghanistan. A4T has ultimate authority to use contributions and is committed toward sustainable and community driven projects in an effort to make the Afghan people economically independent. Sustainability is not only a big word for us but we are actively and practically implementing it in our projects.

Afghans4Tomorrow, Inc. has been working on projects directed at improving the standards of life of the poor of Afghanistan for many years. Tax deductible donations may be made to our 501(C)(3) organization online or by check on our ‘Donate to Afghans4Tomorrow‘ webpage.

We have committed ourselves to this organization and to each other, with one goal, with one mission: Making a difference in the lives of every Afghan we serve.

Our goal is to invest funds in projects that ultimately will help the economy grow and create lasting jobs for people in Afghanistan.
Under Afghans4Tomorrow, we are focused on establishing relationships with multiple sponsors from around the world, corporations, federal agencies, NGOs and non-profit organizations and volunteers from around the world. All of our programs are and will be directed towards improving the standards of life for the current generation as well as the next generation of Afghans.

Our dedicated volunteers have worked with the local communities and other organizations, to make a difference in the lives of many Afghans. We will continue with our schools, health clinic, job training and agriculture projects into the future.

Our team:

A4T is an all volunteer organization. A4T volunteers dedicate their time actively in the development and capacity building of Afghanistan. Our board and volunteers come from a diverse background and many professions – all with a sincere interest in helping Afghanistan. Countless hours of work from our volunteers is what makes our organization unique and efficient.
As the venerated Mahatma Ghandi said once: “We find ourselves when we loose ourselves in the service of others.”